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Black Cat Keychain for Self Defense

The black cat keychain can be used as a self defense devise in order to keep you ready and guarded at all times.  The Black Cat Keychain works much better than the old “keys in your fingers” trick.  The black cat keychain can be carried by itself, or you may slide it a common key ring or fob. 

The best self-defense is being prepared.  Before heading into a potentially hazardous situation, stop, collect your thoughts, and focus on safety.  Part of being prepared can be having your black cat keychain ready for use if ever needed.

The Black cat keychain is proudly made in the USA! The keychain is compact, light, tough, and sharp for protection.  Made out of a strong, durable nylon, the ears of the Black Cat are sharp enough to collect DNA if you hit the attacker on their bare skin.  The Black Cat Keychain is used as a deterrent. If attacked, use as needed to make the attacker let go so you may get away and get help.  The Black Cat Keychain is light weight, fits nicely in your hand and has generous knuckle holes that will fit most hands.

The Black Cat Keychain is convenient, very easy to use, and easy to carry.  It is recommended to carry it with you at all times.  Proper use of the product is simple, simply slide two fingers through the Cat’s eyes and firmly grasp the cat.  If the black cat keychain is on a full set of keys, put the keys in the palm of your hand and follow same direction for holding the device.

Safe Lady provides a full lifetime warranty on the black cat keychain.  For purchasing information of the black cat keychain please click buy now.

**PLEASE NOTE: Do NOT carry this product on an airplane.

***This device may be considered illegal to carry in some states. Please check with your local law enforcement before carrying this self defense item.